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In October of 2008 Madison County, Indiana was awarded a 319 grant from the State of Indiana.  The cost-share dollars amount to $100,000. This money can be awarded to landowners or farmers that wish to implement BMP's (Best Management Practice)  on land that falls within Priority's 1-4 of the Lilly and Little Duck Watersheds.

Watershed Management Plan

What is a BMP?

A BMP is a management practice that is used to reduce the quantity of pollutants generated and/or delivered from a source to a receiving water body.  A structural BMP is something that is built or involves changes in landforms or equipment.

BMPs that are eligible for this cost share program

  • Equipment modifications for No Till/Reduced Till
  • Livestock Alternative Watering Systems and Exclusion Fencing
  • Nutrient and Manure Management Plan Development
  • Rotational Grazing
  • Riparian buffers, grassed waterways, and field borders
  • Other BMPs that meet NRCS standards

Practices that are NOT funded through this program

  • Purchasing of large agriculture equipment
  • Purchasing of land
  • Incentive payments or yield losses
  • Practices that do not meet NRCS standards

Common Questions

If I am farmer but live outside of the watershed area but still in Madison County and I eligible for this cost share?

Possibly, you are eligible if you farm any land that is located in 1 of the 4 circled priority areas.   Contact your watershed coordinator at the SWCD office to verify eligibility.

What is the percentage of cost share?

The percentage is 75%.  The 25% left over is the contract holders responsibility.  Labor cost can be counted towards that 25%.

How will the payments for these practices be administered?

This cost-share program is a reimbursement program.  Receipts must be turned in to the SWCD with a claim voucher.  You should receive your cost-share check by mail 30-90 days after the SWCD is invoiced.

What are the steps I need to take in order to participate in this cost share program?

  • Call the Madison Country SWCD office and ask for Chanda Hiatt who is the watershed coordinator. She will verify with you if you are eligible for this program.
  • Complete a Cost-Share Application and Ranking Sheet.
  • A site visit will be made.
  • Applications will be cross-referenced with other federal incentive programs.
  • A contract will be signed.
  • Perform work for program
  • Have completed project certified (must have conservation plan in place)
  • Send in invoice for reimbursement payments
  • Receive reimbursement payments
  • Maintain Practices for maximum benefits

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